Services Provided

We are a full service Accounting Firm. We also work closely with other Accounting Firms in the area. This way you get the small Accounting Firm feel, while at the same time you get the expertise of larger firms.


As I always say " It's not what you make, it's what you keep". Keeping in like with this we explore multiple avenues to make sure you can keep as much as allowed within the law.


We feel strongly that our Planning and Consulting services are where we can provide the greatest positive impact for our clients; which is why this is where we focus our efforts.

Short-Term Tax Planning

Short Term Tax Planning typically encompases planning around a certain event in your life. These plans typically encompas the next year or 2 of your life and making a plan to minimize your overall tax liability.


Long-Term Tax Planning

Long Term Tax Planning is a bit more extensive than Short Term. Long Term Planning typically extends out 5-10-20-30 years in the future. Very frequently in doing this type of planning we see what seem to be minor modifications we can make to your current "plan" which end up having an enormous impact in the long run, which would result in more money in your pocket.


Very often these plans go through your Retirement and even into matters of your Estate Planning.

Tax Preparation

When Tax Season peeks its head out at us again, we'd be happy to perform the Tax Preparation for you. Whether you prefer to mail in your paperwork, come in and wait for it to be done, or anything in between.


We can perform Tax Preparation for your Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, Estates and your personal return as well. We're sure with our combined experience and you will be more than satisfied with our performance.

Business Consulting

As Business Consultants we will sit down with you 1 on 1 and discuss issues and concerns you may have. Furthermore we will discuss ways to reduce expenses, increase revenue, and overall improving the processes of your business. We will also discuss your hopes and goals for the business; from short term goals all the way to your plans of what to do with the business when you retire.


In coordination with one of our partners, we are planning on implementing a FREE Business Seminar Series. Essentially we will have a group of small business owners from the area, and will discuss issues that face many business owners and possible solutions.